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Mr.BIf you are curious as to who Mr.B is and his background, read the below post entitled “The Cajun Corner Years” which outlines Mr.B’s story.

Mr.B’s Southern Cupboard is a new company and it is run hands on 100%  by Mr. B himself. Professionally, he is a happily employed full time Operation Manager of a prominent Film Equipment Rental company located in Etobicoke, Ontario. So essentially that makes Mr.B’s Southern Cupboard a hobby business that opens its doors on evenings and weekends.

Although for Mr.B the Southern Cupboard isn’t just a part-time business/hobby. Yes, Mr.B’s makes special offers and promises of quality goods the same as any business would, but Mr.B’s Southern Cupboard was started embodied with the core values of southern hospitality and considers customers to be more like visitors who want to share, ask questions and build relationships.

So while you may have to wait until evenings or weekends before you get a response from Mr.B, you can be assured Mr.B himself will be the one visiting with you and isn’t that what evenings and weekends are all about.

*All visitors should be aware that currently Mr.B’s only accepts cash or email money transfers for payments.


If after visiting Mr.B’s Southern Cupboard online you have a question or you would like to know about product availability, shipping or arranging a pick up time, please email Mr.B directly at:  mr.b(at) .


If you would like to visit Mr.B at the Southern Cupboard display room just call or text: 416 822 5025 to schedule a time to visit evenings (7-10Pm ) and weekends (12-5PM). Booking a time to visit is no big deal and don’t let it imply any pressure for a purchase, It’s simply to make certain Mr.B hasn’t stepped out for some reason.



14 PLASTICS AVENUE  (Main Intersection: Queensway & Islington)


M8Z 4B7