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“We knew that when Brian Hughes first walked into the store, he was no ordinary customer. We were used to people being curious of our selection of Louisiana products, but Brian was downright obsessed. Soon he was buying products, taking them home and phoning me for hints and suggestions on how to perfect the recipes.

Brian eventually became so adept at cooking Louisiana foods that we took the only logical step. We hired him for our kitchen! Brian soon became more than just an employee, and was a huge influence on our decisions and direction.

No one who visited Cajun Corner on the weekend for beignets could forget “Mr. B,” as he affectionately became known, frying up beignets with his unique panache and flair. Nor could anyone forget his signature gumbo (called “Mr. B’s” of course!) served and enjoyed each week.

Those of us who have accompanied him on trips to Louisiana can attest to his love of its climate, culture and, of course, the food. It’s no surprise that Brian has branched out on his own, and has created Mr. B’s Southern Cupboard. I can’t think of another person in Toronto with as much knowledge, passion, and desire as Mr. B. Visit his cupboard and get to know the man. I promise that you will leave rewarded, and return again and again”

Karen Duncan Co-Founder Cajun Corner

Karen Duncan & Mr.B share a beer and the famous BBQ Shrimp Po’boy @ Liuzza’s By The Track. New Orleans June 2012